We help mines, quarries and contractors increase their operational performance and profitability by improving blast results.

Varistem Stemming Plugs

Varistem® is a stemming plug for mining, quarrying, and civil blasting applications. The stemming plugs increase energy retention and utilization during blasting, resulting in a range of benefits:

  • Improvement in Fragmentation
  • Reduction of Flyrock
  • Reduction of Noise and Airblast
  • Downstream Productivity Gains
  • Significant Cost Saving

Pink Collar Protection Cones

The Pink Collar-Saver Cones are used primarily to protect hole collars from collapsing, effectively resulting in a reduction of lost blastholes that require re-drills. With the cones:

  • Holes are kept free from debris
  • Hole collars are kept intact
  • Downlines are secured
  • Reduction in the number of re-drills

Hole Covers

The Hole Covers are used to reduce the number of lost blastholes as a result of collar collapses, water ingress and debris blockages. With the cones:

  • Holes are kept free from debris
  • Top of hole collars are kept protected
  • Rainwater is kept out of blastholes

Micone Solar Delineation Cones

MiCone is a revolutionary new product for the mining, quarrying, civil construction and safety industries to safely and efficiently delineate high risk work areas. The MiCone is a solar-powered flashing safety cone product with the ability to run for up to 45 hours with only 9 hours of charging in daylight. The Micone creates the following benefits:

  • Improved safety during night-shifts or low-light conditions
  • Improved delineation effectiveness
  • Reduction in lighting and delineation costs
Solar Barrier Cones
1.8 meter barrier cones for mining

1.8m Barrier Safety Cones

The 1.8m Barrier Cones are used for demarcation and delineation across various industries, most prominently in the open cast mining industry. The cones are manufactured from a high-quality durable plastic, increasing the effective use life even in the harshest of environments. 

Lift Hardhats & Eyewear

The Lift Safety range of carbon fiber and finer resin hardhats and eyewear are the perfect marriage between function and form. Who said safety can’t be stylish, too?

Lift Carbon Fiber Hardhats and Lift Premium Sunglasses (1)
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