Pink Collar-
Saver Cones

The Pink Collar-Saver Cones are used primarily to protect hole collars from collapsing, effectively resulting in a reduction of lost blastholes that require re-drills.

With the cones:

  • Holes are kept free from debris
  • Hole collars are kept intact
  • Downlines are secured
The Pink Collar-Saver Cones are available for blasthole diameters ranging between 3.5 inch (89mm) to 10 inch (251mm).
Pink Collar Saver cone for protecting blasting holes

How does it work?

The Pink Collar-Saver Cones are used throughout blast block preparation. Once blastholes are drilled, the cones are inserted into the holes to maintain hole collar integrity and to keep debris out.
Priming and charging is done through the installed cones. Once primed, the cones allow for the downline to be secured to prevent the possibility of falling into the hole. When the blast team is ready to stem, the cones are removed and stored for future use.
A schematic diagram related to a blasting operation in mining describing the installation of Pink Hole-Saver Cones.
A large pink safety cone diagram indicating the diameter, weight, wall thickness, height.
A team at work installing the Pink collar saver cone for blasting hole protection

What are the benefits?

  • Keeps blasthole collars intact
  • Prevents blasthole collars from collapsing and blocking holes
  • Re-usable – cost of cones are amortized over a certain time period (take better care of the cones and they will last longer, reducing the total cost impact)
  • Reduces the number of re-drills as a result of collapsed hole collars, resulting in an improved blasting outcome and less costs on red-drills
  • Downlines are secured (no need to tie downlines to bags/sticks/rocks)
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