• Improving and optimising drill and blast outcomes through a process of continuous improvement;
  • Assisting with drill and blast design;
  • Developing and implementing drill and blast QAQC processes; and
  • Conducting drill and blast impact assessments.


ERG Industrial’s drill and blast services portfolio allows for an integrated multidisciplinary approach to improving blasting outcomes across the full drill and blast value chain—from initial blast impact assessments to designs, execution, and continuous improvement.

 The drill and blast domain is a critically important one for all mines and quarries as it is the start of the production value chain. Any positive gains within the drill and blast domain lead to exponential downstream benefits, significant cost savings, and productivity improvements.

Our unique value-centric approach allows us to deliver both short-term and long-term benefits to our customers through three main categories:

  • Project Management;
  • Drill and Blast Design; and
  • Optimisation Consulting and Product Supply.


Drill and blast engineering is a scarce skill that is part theory and part practice. Experience plays a significant role in drill and blast engineering quality, and ERG Industrial provides this.

Typically, our drill and blast design service includes all design aspects across the value chain:

  • Design and planning of blast polygons and schedules;
  • Drill pattern and blast parameter design for different geological and geotechnical domains;
  • Design of standard operating procedures for drill and blast execution
  • Design of blast outcome assessment procedures and continuous improvement processes; and
  • We offer the above through a hybrid model – on-site and remote support.


Our typical approach to identifying opportunities for improvement is to examine the drill and blast value chain in its entirety and note any observations within the respective domains or processes and sub-processes that stand out from the norm.

We use a bespoke in-house drill and blast value chain “template” for this exercise, noting any relevant observations and using these observations collectively to produce potential future value initiatives.

The in-house drill and blast value chain comprises four main phases, with sub-processes and activities under each. The four main phases are as follows:

  • Design Inputs & Considerations;
  • Drill and Blast Design;
  • Execution; and
    Continuous Improvement.
Drill and Blast Value Chain Main Phases

Drill and Blast Value Chain Main Phases

Stemming length actual

Example finding from a gap analysis

We conduct a drill and blast gap analysis using the four main phases. The gap analysis considers the drill and blast value chain in its entirety. We then identify deviations from the norm or best practices through site visits and other data collection methods. 

For each deviation we identify opportunities for improvements and present these as “value initiatives” with implementable action plans. The next phase of our work begins here:– assisting with the implementation of the value initiatives on a per-project basis. 


Our typical approach within the three categories of our drill and blast portfolio is to take a wide view of the drill and blast value chain in its entirety. This allows us to consider the broader impact of any initiatives or changes, ensuring that the drill and blast outcomes continuously align with our customers’ commercial objectives.

The main benefits of working with us on drill and blast are:

  • In-house experience in a vast range of commodities and mining methods;
  • Pragmatic approach – the focus is on creating improvements as soon as possible;
  • Value-focused – improve productivity and reduce costs; and
  • Access to an extensive network of niche industry experts and service providers.
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