Solar-powered Micone safety cones safely and efficiently delineate high risk mining and construction areas.


MiCone is a revolutionary new product for the mining, quarrying, civil construction and safety industries to safely and efficiently delineate high risk work areas. The MiCone is a solar-powered flashing safety cone product with the ability to run for up to 45 hours with only 9 hours of charging in daylight.
Mining companies in particular have recognised how effective the MiCone solution is for indicating exclusion zones around blast areas at night ensuring the safety of workers on site, amongst many other applications.
If you’re currently using a combination of lighting and safety cones on-site, MiCone could be the solution you need.

Micone Solar Flashing Safety Cone
Product Specifications


790mm including a 65mm thick base (65mm base + 725mm cone = 790mm)


+-4kg each 

Solar panel:

5V/0.8W + 0.4W


3.7V/1 800mAh

Battery Duration:

LED lights can work anywhere between 35-45 hours, with battery fully charged. White LEDs are 10 000mcd, with a lifetime of at least 50 000 hours. Red LEDs are 8 000mcd.

Charge Duration:

Battery is fully charged after around 8 to 9 hours under good sunlight.

Cones Colors:

Orange, yellow, blue, green and purple.

Reflective Sleeves Colors:



790mm x 370mm x 370mm

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