A person at a rocky mining or construction work site preparing for blasting operations with an o-pitdev.


O-Pitdev is a revolutionary solution for measuring borehole deviations in quarries and mines. Developed by scientists and researchers who understand the needs of workers on the ground, O-Pitdev features cutting-edge technology for faster and more precise measurement readings. Its waterproof and shock-resistant design makes it ideal for non-metal operations, and it is highly efficient for 360o measurements.
An o-pitdev on the ground at a rocky mining or construction work site for blasting operations.

Product Specifications

  • Quick-release rope system.
  • Direct connection to the O-Pitdev App: data transmission directly to O-PitCloud, giving the user immediate access to all projects.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 makes it easy to transfer information between the smartphone and the probe.
  • Structure made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Ergonomic nose that makes it easy to operate even on the most inaccessible boreholes.
A 3d simulation of an O-pitdev for measuring borehole deviations in quarries and mines.
A vertical diagram of an o-pitdev setup for borehole deviations in quarries and mines.


Two construction workers on a site. One worker is wearing an orange safety vest and another is carrying a tool with a cable.
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Case Study: The O-Pitdev picked up deviation in the back row of holes at this quarry, with some deviating by as much as 1.0m from their design position. The back row of the holes were right up against the access ramp into the quarry, meaning that if the blast was fired with the deviated holes, the integrity of the main access ramp would have been compromised. Because this deviation was picked up by the O-Pitdev, the quarry was able to take corrective action by re-drilling these holes and ultimately protecting the integrity of the ramp.
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