A "hole-saver cones" banner in a grey, sandy color, with a construction worker placing one.

The Hole-Saver cones are used to reduce the number of lost blastholes as a result of collar collapses, water ingress and debris blockages.

With the cones:

  • Holes are kept free from debris
  • Hole collars are kept intact
  • Rainwater is kept out of blastholes
A orange stack of safety cones for us in mining

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A "hole-saver cones" banner in a grey, sandy color, with a construction worker placing one.
How do Hole-Saver Cones improve energy retention and utilization?

The Hole-Saver Cones are used throughout blast block preparation. Once blastholes are drilled, the cones are inserted into the holes to maintain hole collar integrity and to keep debris out.

Before priming and charging, the blasthole-saving cone is removed temporarily, and re-inserted once priming and charging has been completed.

The cone is then left in the hole, preventing any debris or collar collapses before stemming takes place. When the blast team is ready to stem, the cones are removed and stored for future use.

A construction worker placing or inspecting a red safety blasting cone in a mining area.
A simplified process flow diagram illustrating the use of blasthole saving cones in a drilling operation.

BSC 01

65mm (top) x 125mm (bottom) x 190mm (height)

BSC 02

63mm (top) x 135mm (bottom) x 270mm (height)

BSC 03

118mm (top) x 215mm (bottom) x 260mm (height)

BSC 04

125mm (top) x 193mm (bottom) x 335mm (height)

BSC 05

90mm (top) x 295mm (bottom) x 445mm (height)

BSC 06

90mm (top) x 295mm (bottom) x 445mm (height)

BSC 07

160mm (top) x 300mm (bottom) x 460mm (height)

BSC 08

90mm (top) x 350mm (bottom) x2 00mm (height)

BSC 09

90mm (top) x 500mm (bottom) x 260mm (height)

BSC 10

115mm (top) x 311mm (bottom) x 1000mm (height)

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