Understanding and Minimizing the Risks of Flyrock in Mine and Quarry Blasting

This article delves into the causes, effects, and mitigation measures related to flyrock incidents. It emphasises the importance of understanding mechanisms like face bursting, cratering, and rifling, which contribute to flyrock generation. The establishment of clearance zones, determined through predictive models utilizing various approaches, is critical for safeguarding personnel, equipment, and structures. Recent studies indicate […]

Sensitivity of Explosives

This article delves into the concept of explosives sensitivity, also known as initiation sensitivity, which is a fundamental property of explosive materials used in the mining and quarrying industry.  Initiation sensitivity determines how easily an explosive can be initiated or detonated and plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety and operational efficiency. The article discusses […]

High-Level Blast Design Basics

Designing a blast involves the consideration of multiple parameters, and achieving the desired blasting outcome necessitates a thorough understanding of the interplay and interdependence of these factors to avoid unsafe, inefficient, or wasteful blasting results. Table 1 provides an outline of the relevant blast design parameters, along with their respective descriptions. Table 1. Blast Parameter […]

Blasting Best Practices Observed Across Numerous Sites

In our business, we are in a unique position where we get to spend time at countless sites, working with drillers and blasters during the planning, preparation, and execution of blasts. Our time spent on sites is mostly on blast day, where the pressure is on to charge, stem, tie-up and set off the blast. Across […]

Velocity of Detonation (VoD) Explained

This article delves into the fundamental concept of Velocity of Detonation (VoD) and its profound significance in blasting activities within the mining and quarrying sector. Blasting operations serve as the linchpin for extracting valuable resources from the Earth’s crust, making VoD a critical parameter in the realm of explosives. VoD delineates the speed at which […]

Scaled Depth of Burial Explained

The article explores the concept of scaled depth of burial (SD) and its significance in mitigating environmental impacts associated with blasting activities in mining and quarrying operations. Blasting is commonly used to extract minerals and materials from the Earth’s crust, but it can lead to concerns such as ground vibrations, air overpressure, and flyrock. Understanding […]

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